Being able to transmit information securely is at the heart of the economy: consumers, businesses, governments, and even machines need to communicate without being spied. The transfer of information over the existing communication network relies on methods to encrypt the data before sending them, such that even though anybody can read the message, only the recipient can decrypt it. All encryption protocols require a source of truly random numbers. If the randomness of those numbers is not guaranteed, the encryption cannot be trusted. There is only one route to true randomness: quantum mechanics. All others lead only to apparent randomness. Pseudo-random number generators are algorithms that mimic randomness. They are totally predictable.


The development of our family of Quantum Random Number Generator has been optimized to provide more speed, scalability and true randomness at a fraction of the cost of other devices in the market. Our innovative and patented solution uses a purely quantum phenomenon – quantum tunneling – to generate truly random numbers.


QNG2 is the first Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) in the market the size of an integrated circuit (CHIP). The first product of a new generation of QRNG, it is more powerful than any other products in the market and small enough to be integrated in consumer electronics.

We will provide our OEM partners access to our development tools, reference design and support so they can develop their own integrated circuit with hardware encryption based on QNG2 technology.

To secure mobile & internet transactions, IoT communication, M2M connections, networking equipment, cloud based applications.

Main Features

  • Electronic integrated device with a very small footprint, of less than 20 microns x 20 microns.
  • Demonstrated speed of 1 Gbps per device.
  • If needed, devices can be used in parallel to increase the throughput.
  • Very low power dissipation, typically <1mW
  • Operating temperature -50°C to +85°C
  • Easy integration in existing electronics (mobile and point of sales devices, USB, Internet of Things, computers and networking equipment).
  • Cost effective compared to other QRNG technologies.
  • Randomness has been certified by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Diehard tests.


  United States Patent No.: US 10,042,609 B2

Method for generating random numbers and associated random number generator
A random signal can be obtained from a random tunnelling of charges from one conductor to another conductor across a quantum tunnelling barrier. The random signal can be amplified and associated to a random number. The association can be performed repetitively to generate a sequence of random numbers.

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