Quantum Numbers Corp. Announces an R&D Breakthrough with its Latest Prototype Development

Montreal, Canada - August 13, 2020 - (TSXV:QNC) Quantum Numbers Corp. (the “Corporation” or “QNC”) an innovative developer of cryptographic solutions based on a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) is pleased to announce its latest R&D breakthrough.

During the past week, the company’s R&D activities have produced an operational prototype by successfully resolving technical issues which kept the company from its targeted CMOS implementation.

Key R&D contributors from the ETS and Universite de Sherbrooke have recently updated the Board of Directors with the following developments:

“The QNRG testing cycle has successfully produced an operational prototype that can achieve 300 Mbps of random bits with only the digital components limiting the throughput. At this point in time, the current prototype is designed and assembled on standard PCB technology using commercially available and off-the-shelf components, as well as quantum tunneling junctions fabricated using standard clean room techniques on a silicon substrate at Universite de Sherbrooke. Following months of testing and development, the purely random quantum signal is clearly observable, and its significance is proven and quantifiable. Although the performance of this prototype is conservative, it does make a conclusive and relevant case for its use with Mobile and IOT applications. The next R&D cycle will aim to further test and prove its scalability and application for Enterprise Cloud and Bitcoin technologies.” Dr. Ghyslain Gagnon, ETS and Dr. Bertrand Reulet, Universite de Sherbrooke.

Marc Rousseau, CEO, “This is a great step forward as it demonstrates that the circuit behaviour is consistent with the theory described in the corporations’ patents. We are now in a solid pole position to proceed with integrating the entire design into an integrated chip using standard CMOS technology. This next and upcoming phase will allow QNC to approach the market with a commercially viable product with multiple applications for varied verticals.”

Moving forward, Dr. Gagnon will assist QNC in mandating private sector firms to speed up the R&D efforts. The CMOS R&D implementation project is scheduled to begin at the end of September 2020.

About Quantum Numbers Corp.

The Corporation’s mission is to address the growing demand for affordable hardware security for connected devices. Visit our website at www.quantumnumberscorp.com.

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