Board of Directors

Jean-Charles Phaneuf, Director

Mr. Phaneuf brings over 25 years of experience in the technology industry to QNC. He is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with significant M&A, and corporate finance experience in both the private and public sectors. Recently, he was partner at Oaklins E. Canada, with a business focussed on conducting M&A and corporate finance for technology firms. Additionally, he founded Sobrema and sold the business to iScope. He assumed the leadership CEO position with iScope which operation was later sold to Colet. Earlier, he was a co-founder at UForce which specializes in VoIP, which ultimately sold to 8×8 Inc., where he continued his career as SVP based in Santa Clara, CA. Prior to this, he was VP of Business Venturing at Innovitech, specialized technological consortium management, strategic planning and strategic alliances. He has extensive experience piloting growth, in various stages of technology companies from inception through to maturity. In addition to his entrepreneurial and technology growth experience, Mr. Phaneuf brings a wealth of international business, marketing strategy, and general management experience. Mr. Phaneuf is a graduate of the École Polytechnique de Montréal in Industrial Engineering with specialization in innovation management.

Pierre C. Miron, Director

Mr. Miron worked over 25 years in the International audit and financing department of the banking industry, including International Auditor and Administrative Director with Scotia Bank, Banking Manager at TD Bank, Portfolio Manager and Account Director at National Bank and Director Major Account at the Caisse Centrale Desjardins. Mr. Miron has held a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales.

Luc Paquet, Director

Mr. Paquet is the CEO of a consulting firm, supportant clients in transactions, strategic positioning, and in developing technical innovation. He was CEO of Transfertech Sherbrooke from 2013 to 2018. From 2007 to 2013, he was director of the Institute of Pharmacology of Sherbrooke. At the same time, from 2011 to 2013, he was Vice-Dean, Development & Partnerships at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Sherbrooke. Previously, he occupied for more than 10 years various managerial position in the biotech sector, actively involved in converting innovation to new drug products. He holds PhD degree from Université de Montréal in Biomedical Sciences and was of post-doctoral Fellow at the Johns-Hopkins University.

Marc Labrecque, Director

Mr. Labrecque is a business man with financial background and extensive experience in managing public companies. His experiences include roles as President, CEO and CFO of Gee-­Ten Ventures Inc., CFO of Gimus Resource and secretary of Jourdan Resources Inc., all publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange. Mr. Labrecque is the past CEO of ACK who became QNC.

Pascal Fortin, Director

Mr. Fortin is the CEO of GoSecure Inc. He started his first IT Services consulting firm in 1997 at the age of 17 and went on to have a thriving career as a self-taught Information Technology expert and director at a multinational company. Mr. Fortin joined GoSecure in 2004 with the mandate to build a world-class engineering and consulting team, he became president of the company in 2008. Still very active in the field, he provides services as an Information Security and Risk Management Senior Advisor to clients of all business sectors. He has made recent contributions in various national speaking engagements for organizations such as the IIA, Government and private events like GoSec. Mr. Fortin completed a Executive MBA at the Université de Sherbrooke and he holds a Bachelor's Management / Finance from Université du Québec à Montréal.

Marc Rousseau, Director

Mr. Rousseau is the President of LVR Capital Inc. He began his professional career with Crédit Ford of Canada, where he acted as Director of Operations. In 2001, he joined the Business Development Bank of Canada as a Senior Business Development Manager, a position he held until LVR Capital was founded in September 2005. At the same time, he pursued a military career in 1981 to 2004 as an infantry officer with the Canadian Forces. He commanded the Mount Royal Fusilliers Regiment from 1996 to 1999 and served in Bosnia as a Plans and Policy Team Leader at NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of L'Office National du Film since January 2008 and has chaired the Board of Directors of the Society for Disabled Children of Québec since June 2009. He also chairs the Corporate 1 section in Montréal, Networking group of Business Network International. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University.

Pierre Paul Samson, Director

Mr. Samson serves as Chief Operating Officer, Head of R&D and Digital Production and Partner of Sid Lee, Inc. Mr. Samson also serves as Chief Technology Officer of Sourcevolution Inc. With Sid Lee since March 2015, he previously co-founded and led FreedomOne, a communications platform. He has a 20-year career and has diverse technology experience. Mr. Samson has a remarkable ability to visualize a concept and find the appropriate solution, as well as to determine and strategize its market positioning. He has extensive research and participation in international conferences. He has a solid reputation by successfully carrying out major technology projects in both the private and government sectors. He has been a Director of Alphinat Inc. since 2015. He studied at recognized institutions in Canada and the United States, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Ottawa.